Saturday, July 21, 2012

how to disable that notification by sms iphone

Customize your iphone text messages parameter to better receive sms.
Learn how in this post is to disable the notifications by sms iphone.

First you start by pressing the "home" below to unlock the home screen of your iphone, then press the icon "settings".

Then press the "messages" from the main menu pages.

Drag the "show preview" slider to "off".
Dragged the "repeat alarm" slider to "off".

Press the home button to save the changes and exit the settings.

iphone text message - ways be known to change iphone sms bubbles

In a second I'll teach you how to change iphone sms bubles.
Before I suggest you read my other post to know how to disable changes by sms iphone.

To get started follow these carefully instrution. Turn your iPhone, press the boot "home" at the bottom.
Move the slider to the right to unlock the iphone. Tap the icon "install" app.

Press "Source", choose "edit" and select "add" in the window that appear. Enter "" in the open column.
Wait for the download to your iphone. Restart your iPhone.
Wake up your iPhone, tap the icon of the "cydia app".

Press "Source", cut "modification" and choose "add" in the window that appear. Between "sms" in the open dove.

Press to select SMS package from the list. Restart your iphone sms after the package has been downloaded.
Wake up your iphone. Tap the icon of "ifile app."
Tap the "var" folder. Tap the "theme" folder. Tap the "MSN sms" folder.

Tap the "bundles" folder. Tap the "" folder.
Click the "edit". Change "" name "".

Click "Finish". Press the "home" to return to the home menu screen.
Tap the icon in sms. Send or receive a text message bubble now a different color than it was before.

iphone text messages - settle the problem of sending text messages on iphone

iphone text messages equips an email that lets you communicate with friends, family etc.. that cell phone.
In this post I will teach you how to solve the problem that prevents you from sending sms.

First check your connection to the service, if you be a difficult time sending a sms. If your outgoing message fails to send, the exchanges are in your service area in a stocking. Make sure you have at least one bar in the beginning to send or receive a text message.
Check the phone number of your recipient. Make sure you do not miss an issue. You will run into an error if the number of SMS you send the message is invalid or no longer in service.

Press "parameter" on the home screen if you are still having a hard time sending your sms message. Press "General", and scroll down. Press "reset" and press "reset all settings ". Iphone restores all settings back to default state without deleting any downloaded content. Try to send your sms.

Now connect iphone to the computer via a USB cable with your phone if you still encounter the problem with the sms apps.
Launch itunes. iTunes displays your phone on the left panel under "devices.

Put your day to iphone operating Systems. For this, click on your iphone under "Device" tab and click "summary".
Click on "check the update". Itunes the last day available.
Contact Apple support if you encounter the same problem to use the sms service.