Saturday, July 21, 2012

iphone text message - ways be known to change iphone sms bubbles

In a second I'll teach you how to change iphone sms bubles.
Before I suggest you read my other post to know how to disable changes by sms iphone.

To get started follow these carefully instrution. Turn your iPhone, press the boot "home" at the bottom.
Move the slider to the right to unlock the iphone. Tap the icon "install" app.

Press "Source", choose "edit" and select "add" in the window that appear. Enter "" in the open column.
Wait for the download to your iphone. Restart your iPhone.
Wake up your iPhone, tap the icon of the "cydia app".

Press "Source", cut "modification" and choose "add" in the window that appear. Between "sms" in the open dove.

Press to select SMS package from the list. Restart your iphone sms after the package has been downloaded.
Wake up your iphone. Tap the icon of "ifile app."
Tap the "var" folder. Tap the "theme" folder. Tap the "MSN sms" folder.

Tap the "bundles" folder. Tap the "" folder.
Click the "edit". Change "" name "".

Click "Finish". Press the "home" to return to the home menu screen.
Tap the icon in sms. Send or receive a text message bubble now a different color than it was before.

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